Lying about age can lead to legal trouble, hurt feelings

THIS WEEK'S PROBLEM: There's this boy I really like. He's 15 and we started going out, but I lied to him about my age and he found out. Can you please help me?- Augusta girl


TEEN REPORTER KAMILLE BOSTICK SAYS: I'm not sure whether you're much younger or much older than you told this guy you were, but I am certain that it's a bad practice.

With all the legal trouble you can get into by being involved with a minor, you weren't very fair to him.

Regardless of whether you're younger or older, he deserved to know your real age so that he could make decisions about what he could and could not do with you and where he could or could not let this relationship go.

Lots of people, particularly young people, like to think that age isn't anything but a number, but the truth is, age is far more, especially when it comes to consent and legality.

I'm sure you know that you have to be 21 to drink and 18 to smoke and that sexual relations with someone under 13 can be classified as a sex crime. Don't play this numbers game. It's not worth it, and it can get you in serious trouble.

Beyond that, you broke this guy's trust, and very early in the relationship. At their very basic, relationships should be built on the truth.

Even if you felt you'd never get a chance with this guy because of your age, you were wrong to lie to him about it. If he can't trust you to tell him your real age, can he really trust you to not break his heart or steal all his money?

He can't.

And he shouldn't.

Apologize and vow to be more honest. Explain to him why you felt the need to lie in the first place. It might not be enough, though. Your boyfriend might not want to date someone your age, and you have to respect that.

Although it is never too late to tell the truth, sometimes, the truth can come too late for someone to get past the lie.

Let this be a lesson to you, and never lie about your age again. You've earned every year, and you shouldn't be ashamed of any of them.

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