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weather wise

The weather can get crazy during the summer because of the threat of thunderstorms. Here's some advice from meteorologists Tim Strong, Bob Smith, and Adam Clark at television station WRDW (Channel 12) on how to stay safe:

- Make plans. Put together a disaster-supplies kit, with flashlights, a radio, batteries, bottled water and nonperishable foods. Learn how and when to turn off your electricity, gas and water.

- During a storm. Don't use the land-line phone, and unplug any home electronics. Although it might be tempting to go outside and take pictures or video of whatever's going on, stay inside. You don't want to take a chance of getting hit by lightning or flying debris.

- Know the differences between a warning and a watch. A tornado watch means conditions are favorable for a tornado's forming. A tornado warning means that a tornado has been sighted.

- After a storm. If your house has been damaged, move carefully to get out. Stay away from downed power lines, especially near water, and report any fallen trees, downed or sparking power lines and broken gas or water lines.


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