Spotlight: Preston Conger

Mason Webb/Xtreme Teen Board
Preston Conger, 17, a senior at Westminster Schools of Augusta is a champion swimmer.

Preston Conger


STATS: 17, senior, Westminster Schools of Augusta

WHAT: Swimmer

HIS STORY: Preston has done something few people can boast of -stuck to one main hobby, swimming - for most of his life.

He started about 12 years ago.

His many years of training have paid off. He won the Scholastic All-American Team Award for swimming this year. His earlier achievements include first place in a 10-and-under competition for Best National recorded time and first place in two state swimming tournaments in 100-meter fly and breaststroke.

Preston says he's just a normal guy. He hangs out with his friends during lunch and does his best in class.

"I'm just a guy who likes swimming and nature," he said. "That's about it."



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