Boyfriend's sexual jokes are embarrassing to girl

This week's problem: I've been dating a guy for about six months. Everything is going really well. He's absolutely gorgeous, and he's a fun guy to hang around with, except there is one little flaw in his character: He loves to make sexual jokes.


At first, I just kind of laughed at it but now it's getting completely on my nerves. And I'm thinking about breaking up with him because of it. Sometimes he tells jokes in front of people that make me look like I'm a little loose and sexual. I don't know what to do. - 19-year-old Augusta girl

Teen reporter Kamille Bostick says: T ell your boyfriend that you think his sexual jokes aren't funny. Let him know they are inappropriate and crass.

I don't think it's fair to break up with someone over something he didn't know bothered you. Considering that you laughed at first, and I can assume others laugh, too, your boyfriend probably thinks his dirty jokes are acceptable. He might even think people expect him to tell them, because that's what he gets the most response from.

Let him know that he's fun to be around and you like him but that you don't like his jokes. Explain to him how he makes you feel when he tells them. Be sure to include the part about how when he says sexual things in front of people and you're there, it makes you look "loose" or not so flattering.

You might want to consider breaking up with him i f he doesn't stop after you tell him how much his joking gets on your nerves, There's no reason to stay with a guy who can't respect your wishes, or your social comfort.

Some things just aren't funny, and one of them is being in a relationship in which your feelings aren't considered.



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