Welcome to The Augusta Chronicle's We Think Pink in Augusta website! Here you'll find inspiring stories of cancer survivors and information on resources and events throughout the area.

Each year, The Augusta Chronicle works to raise awareness of the fight against breast cancer with a visual show of support in our annual "pink" paper edition on October 1. Yes, it's actually pink!

We hope you'll join us in the support of this important cause!




Breast Cancer Awareness Month Events

Listing of events associated with Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Young mothers battling breast cancer form support group in Augusta

As Breast Cancer Awareness Month begins today, an estimated 231,480 women and 2,350 men in the U.S. will face the disease this year, the most common cause of cancer in women, the American Cancer Society said.

Faces of Survival: Dolly Padgett

A routine mammogram detected cancer in Dolly Padgett's left breast in 1996. She never felt a lump or pain.

Male breast cancer focus of charity game

A charity basketball game and fundraiser will be held Feb. 7 at Greenbrier High School between The Harlem Legends and Cecil Herrin's Breast Cancer Warriors, which includes elected officials and personalities from both Richmond and Columbia counties.

Faces of Survival: Kelly McNeal

For about a month or so in 2011, Kelly McNeal's left breast felt very tender to the touch. It had a lump that seemed to come and go, but wasn't going away. Then one morning she woke up to find blood all over her nightgown.

Faces of Survival: Dianne Waller

Dianne Waller had beaten ovarian cancer 15 years before a routine mammogram found cancer in 2007. "I'm blessed that it wasn't (connected), because that usually means a recurrence," she said.