Welcome to The Augusta Chronicle's We Think Pink in Augusta website! Here you'll find inspiring stories of cancer survivors and information on resources and events throughout the area.

Each year, The Augusta Chronicle works to raise awareness of the fight against breast cancer with a visual show of support in our annual "pink" paper edition on October 1. Yes, it's actually pink!

We hope you'll join us in the support of this important cause!




Faces of Survival: Annette Miller

Annette Miller, 60, didn't waste any time going to the doctor after finding knot in her breast while performing a self-examination.

Group helps young breast cancer survivors

The Young Gal Support Group shares stories of sometimes painful and awkward breast reconstruction steps and the slow return of their hair.

Breast cancer survivors find life has new meaning

While breast cancer advocates tout the success of early detection and treatment that has led to remarkable rates of survival, the truth is that breast cancer can strike in unusual ways and result in life-changing outcomes.

Survivor Profile: Joan Veazey

Joan Veazey never thought of her breast cancer as terminal. "I knew I could die, but it just never crossed my mind that I would," she said. "I just knew I would get through it."

Survivor's profile: Nicole Surrency

Nicole Surrency thought the lump was a blocked milk duct. After all, mammograms aren't usually recommended until 40, and she was still breast-feeding her daughter.
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