Welcome to The Augusta Chronicle's We Think Pink in Augusta website! Here you'll find inspiring stories of cancer survivors and information on resources and events throughout the area.

Each year, The Augusta Chronicle works to raise awareness of the fight against breast cancer with a visual show of support in our annual "pink" paper edition on October 1. Yes, it's actually pink!

The Lydia Project is an organization that provides support for women facing any type of cancer anywhere in the world. Their support comes in many forms including a handmade tote filled with encouraging items and even financial assistance for rent, utilities and prescriptions for women living in Aiken, Burke, Columbia and Richmond Counties

We hope you'll join us in the support of this important cause!



Latest News

Breast cancer patients, survivors find support

The Pink Magnolias breast cancer support group and other groups like it make sure there is always someone to turn to who has been through it before.

Survivor Profile: Tamika Cook

Tamika Cook's daughter gave her a pink rubber band that says, "You're the strongest mommy that I have and I love you."

Survivor Profile: Sherri Hobbs

Sherri Hobbs is an administrative assistant for the Richmond County District Attorney's Office, and was diagnosed in 1999.

As Mona Pinnington endures chemotherapy, she refuses to allow cancer to control her life

As Mona Pinnington, 38, endures chemotherapy, she refuses to allow cancer to control her life.

Faces of survival: Beverly Lloyd

Beverly Lloyd says positive thinking and prayer helped her overcome breast cancer.

Breast cancer patient weighs her options

Breast cancer invaded Mona Pinnington's orderly, planned-out world in July, but she is determined not to let it derail her businesses or her family life, particularly for her daughter.