Welcome to The Augusta Chronicle's We Think Pink in Augusta website! Here you'll find inspiring stories of cancer survivors and information on resources and events throughout the area.

Each year, The Augusta Chronicle works to raise awareness of the fight against breast cancer with a visual show of support in our annual "pink" paper edition on October 1. Yes, it's actually pink!

We hope you'll join us in the support of this important cause!


Brave little girl talks about her cancer diagnosis and treatment


Latest News

GHSU studies method of starving breast cancer cells

Researchers at Georgia Health Sciences University might have come up with a cleaner way to get rid of a breast cancer tumor: starve it to death.

Faces of Survival: Susan Schepens

A career in the medical field helped Susan Schepens, 58, through her breast cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Faces Of Survival: Jenna Griner

Early detection of a lump in her breast allowed Jenna Griner time to chose between several options her doctor proposed.

GHSU surgery resident works to spread breast cancer awareness among young women

Everything said the lump in her left breast was not cancer. Dr. Alicia Huff was only 25 years old in 2009 and just entering her fourth year at Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine in Suwanee, Ga. A mammogram and ultrasound both said it was benign. And it was painful, which is not typical of breast cancer. 

Better technology giving clearer view of breast cancer

While radiologists acknowledge there are limitations with mammography, particularly in the past, newer technology is helping to overcome them.

Faces of Survival: Karen Marks

Karen Marks, 52, said an ultrasound was necessary to discover her cancer because she has very dense breast tissue.
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Tiger Woods' plane spotted at airport

A plane matching the tail numbers of Tiger Woods' Gulfstream G5 was parked in front of the terminal for private aircraft at Augusta Regional Airport this morning.