Rainstorms haven't stopped Ga. wildfires

Scattered weekend thunderstorms have offered little help to a growing outbreak of wildfires across the state, according to the Georgia Forestry Commission.

More than 50 new fires have been reported during the last 48 hours, and several Augusta-area blazes were contained during the weekend.

Since July 1, 2010, the state has recorded 8,917 wildfires that burned 94,830 acres of private forest lands (not including fires on public lands), reflecting increases of 35 percent and 74 percent, respectively, from Georgia’s five-year fire average.

One of the largest single fires in east Georgia occurred in Screven County, where about 80 acres burned at Tuckahoe Wildlife Management Area.

Here are other county totals for June, as of this morning:

Columbia/Richmond has had sevent wildfires burning 16 acres.

Lincoln has had three wildfires burning six acres.

McDuffie/Warren has had 12 wildfires burning 19 acres.

Jefferson has had three wildfires burning five acres.

Burke has had 11 wildfires burning 73 acres.




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