Augusta snows rare, but remembered

The big one was Feb. 9-10, 1973



A 2-inch snowfall in Augusta today would mark the first such occurrence since 1992, according to an analysis of weather data from the monitoring station at Augusta Regional Airport.

Based on records that date back to 1961, just seven snowstorms have resulted in accumulations of two inches or more in Augusta, said Assistant Georgia State Climatologist Pam Knox. The last such event, which left 2.6 inches on the ground, occurred Jan. 19, 1992.

"One thing I notice is that Augusta has gotten many more of its storms in February," she said. Only two of the eight events occurred in January.

The largest-ever snowfall during that period was a two-day event Feb. 9-10, 1973, with a combined accumulation of 14 inches.

Although there have been no 2-inch or greater snowfalls since 1992, Augusta did have a one-inch storm on Feb. 4, 1996, and numerous incidents with flurries or minor accumulations.

The last such event was Jan. 21, 2009, when flurries were briefly reported across the Augusta area.


Timeline: Augusta Snow Events (2 inches or greater)


Feb. 9, 1967: 3.3 inches

Feb. 9, 1973: 8 inches

Feb. 10, 1973: 6 inches

Feb. 18, 1979: 3.4 inches

Feb. 6, 1980: 4.2 inches

Jan. 7, 1988:  2.3 inches

Feb. 23, 1989: 3.7 inches

Jan. 19, 1992: 2.6 inches

Source: Office of the Georgia State Climatologist



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