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I have to keep reminding myself that the self is not really an unbiased observer of experience.

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22 weeks 7 hours ago

One of the best set of R & Rs I've seen in awhile. Right out of the gate with a bunch of righteous rants.

22 weeks 10 hours ago

Maybe the Obama apologist can spin the reason for this. I'm anxious to hear. I do love great fiction. Of course "great" fiction...

22 weeks 11 hours ago

"Another low life scumbag thief. I hate them. We have way too many. The herd needs to be thinned."

When I was 18, I had two...

22 weeks 11 hours ago

'Young Fred, it is typical ruse by the dimocrats. The dimocrats believe it is ok to lie, cheat or steal to achieve their goals, the end...

22 weeks 12 hours ago

Return the man's belt, and forget to watch him for a while.

This kind of crap hurts society deep down in its soul, I know it...

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