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I have to keep reminding myself that the self is not really an unbiased observer of experience.

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41 weeks 4 days ago

sound good.

the first thing I would do is limit Senators time of "service". I say "service" with a big arz snicker.


41 weeks 4 days ago

Actually, I'm kind of taupe. Depending on the time of year, I could be beige, or kind of a burnt orangish brownish. Some times I'm...

41 weeks 6 days ago

Lots of people won't agree, because they're guilty of the same.

I can't count the times, I've seen what I thought were drunks or...

42 weeks 1 day ago

You don't consider those examples hateful?

How about spiteful, or childish, or down right despicable?

Any person who doesn...

42 weeks 1 day ago

There's a special place reserved for those that would brainwash children with proven harmful views.

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