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I have to keep reminding myself that the self is not really an unbiased observer of experience.

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22 weeks 2 days ago

I'm with you on this.

I'm sick to death of it. At this point no mind will be changed. Some seem to believe if you bombard with...


22 weeks 2 days ago

has a good point.

But, after the man Roberson replaced, we had such high hopes.

I think many of us wanted to give him a...

22 weeks 2 days ago

No way! He pretty much started the dependent class. Just kidding (no I ain't). Giving him the benefit of doubt, he thought he was...

22 weeks 2 days ago

so who would your "inductee" be?

Please don't "leave me here with my mouth standing open" it's not a pretty sight, I promise you...

22 weeks 2 days ago

"Monroe had it right"

So succinct, so accurate!

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Stormwater fee project specifics hard to find

Although no one has promised Jackie Hayter that paying a new stormwater fee will get her Jamaica Drive drainage issues addressed, it’s a chance she is willing to take.
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