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I have to keep reminding myself that the self is not really an unbiased observer of experience.

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47 weeks 1 day ago

"In the paper on the front page “’SLOWPOKE’ LAW SLOW TO BE ENFORCED”. So the people who drive under the speed limit will have citations...

47 weeks 1 day ago

"Young Fred, high ceilings reduce noise- the noise dissipates.

The next time that you are in the mall, go into a department...

47 weeks 1 day ago

I appreciate you taking the time to defend excesses.

Pray tell - what is justification for 18 foot ceilings?

As far as the...

47 weeks 1 day ago

You're a connoisseur of good music, check out some Johnny Mathis. ("Chances Are" would be a good one)

It's like silk through...

47 weeks 1 day ago

"I say this with a certain degree of solemnity because the stories of things gone by have pierced me with sorrow and other feelings the...

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Lockdowns part of school life
ATLANTA -- School lockdowns, and preparing for a possible intruder, have become a fact of life for many metro Atlanta schools.
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