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I have to keep reminding myself that the self is not really an unbiased observer of experience.

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40 weeks 6 days ago

Yesterday at 11:49 that was priceless!

I've saved it for prosperity, goes to show how bad off I am.

Just kidding. You...


40 weeks 6 days ago

You are gracious.

I hope your partner knows just how lucky he is.

I'm sure I've given you no points you haven't already "...

41 weeks 1 min ago

Young Fred

Did you like Jimmy Buffett?

I don't did, I do.

I think I may know where you're going with this.


41 weeks 15 min ago

"And truth doesn't matter to you"

amen sis!

Truth I love your posts. I like seeing your point of view. It gives me...

41 weeks 29 min ago

"I try not to be an 'ole fuddy duddy,."

It ain't working (:

You hurt me to my core!

There are a few new artist I...

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