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I have to keep reminding myself that the self is not really an unbiased observer of experience.

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22 weeks 2 days ago

carcraft @ 5:41

Naive or purposeful?

Many claim it's purposeful, with pretty damning evidence. While others are highly...

22 weeks 2 days ago

Willie has a point.

Doesn't matter how disgusting the accused offense, there are laws that should be followed. Of course, in...

22 weeks 2 days ago

A mounted albino deer and a mounted duck!

Sounds like there was more going on than just meth in that house!

22 weeks 2 days ago

Heck, I'd bet that today's society would "sue" the officers if they "beat-down" the low-life, slimy, thieves.

Heck, I'd bet there...

22 weeks 2 days ago

itsanotherday1 nailed it.

They should throw down with an old fashioned beat down while they're at it!

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Augusta man gets life without parole in killing

Jonathan Lee Felton, 23, was convicted in Richmond County Superior Court of murder and weapon charges for the Oct. 25, 2010, shooting death of 22-year-old Eric "Easy" Wright.