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I have to keep reminding myself that the self is not really an unbiased observer of experience.

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4 days 8 hours ago

and Westobou are events I look forward to each year. They're also events I pay to attend (hotel rooms, tickets, etc). BUT other cities...

4 days 8 hours ago

Good one!

You caused me to suffer 1st degree burns and a coffee stain.

4 days 18 hours ago

we could somehow appoint a civilian(registered voter) board to oversee the approval.


4 days 19 hours ago

thinking and praying for all involved.

It takes a lot of guts to knowingly live on a major, active, fault-line. Regardless of...

4 days 19 hours ago

editorial nailed it! "Cut expenses?" The mere question is met with derision!

Why? Because cutting anything is: unthinkable,...

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