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I have to keep reminding myself that the self is not really an unbiased observer of experience.

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3 days 5 hours ago

I've already seen it. On the channels that play - All in the Family,
Sanford and Son, Maude, Jeffersons, etc.

"They" are...

3 days 6 hours ago

Ya, the white house calls for prayer when it's politically expedient.

The rest of the time, they've totally forgot the teachings...

3 days 6 hours ago

do you really have to ask that question, or was it purely rhetorical?

I would love to see the responses from those that support...

3 days 6 hours ago

It's a government job! Actual results mean nothing. All that matters is time, as in, have you done your time. Job performance, etc....

4 days 6 hours ago

sounds good on the surface, but the devil is in the details!

If we as a nation, had a way to identify the mentally unsound, and...

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