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I have to keep reminding myself that the self is not really an unbiased observer of experience.

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28 weeks 4 days ago

Another east coast victory

28 weeks 4 days ago

gushing and golley gee! MICHELLE is "moving towards it literally".
OMG if I didn't know better, I'd guess that came from a...

28 weeks 4 days ago

Nothing unusual here - happens all the time. X-amount of people, pushed into X-amount of space, with X-politicians saying...

29 weeks 4 days ago

gooot - got - ta - mighty!

responding to each at ounce would be different?>

As Harley said I "Wholeheartedly agree"....


29 weeks 4 days ago

Those people, I mean those people, really believe that which has been told to them to believe.

I'm I a promise of usroughtout

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