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I have to keep reminding myself that the self is not really an unbiased observer of experience.

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1 day 12 hours ago

And BBQ!!!

OMG, I'm fiixin' to run to the grocer, you've planted that seed and I won't rest until I've had my share. If I get...

1 day 12 hours ago

Ideas lead to things like the formation of societies and nations. When you stifle words you stifle freedom.

1 day 12 hours ago

Conversation on here about PC language. Important also.

I find it amazing that the suppossed most free nation on earth has to...

1 day 13 hours ago

that tuition rates have consistently outpaced inflation by substantial amounts, yet a drop in enrollment causes such problems, shows...

1 day 19 hours ago

things change, the more they really just stay the same.

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