• Relationship Status: Single
  • Children: Two Adults
  • Location: southeast
  • Education: M.A. Rel. (honors) B.A. Social Justice Professions
  • Profession: Educator Minister of the Gospel
  • Birthday: June 18

About Me

Military widow after thirty years of marriage. Served in public education as a classroom teacher for many years with exceptional children. Served as sex abuse counselor.

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2 years 36 weeks ago

There are few, if any jobs out there for D.Ed. Evidently, the districts are not willing to pay. My friend, who earned one and has...

2 years 36 weeks ago

As much as the races have been tampered with, and everybody seems to be "mixed with something" why can't the topic of "racism' just...

2 years 36 weeks ago

The hero is the one who moved swiftly to abort a catastrophy that was rapidly progressing. Based on this report, the ex-deputy was mis-...

2 years 36 weeks ago

@t3Bledsoe, the memory lapse amazes me as well.

On the flip side of the coin, sometimes things can be so ridiculous no one...

2 years 36 weeks ago

Thanks, Corgi. I am familiar with the techniques you mentioned, however I have not been successful with getting the information I seek...

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