• Relationship Status: Single
  • Children: Two Adults
  • Location: southeast
  • Education: M.A. Rel. (honors) B.A. Social Justice Professions
  • Profession: Educator Minister of the Gospel
  • Birthday: June 18

About Me

Military widow after thirty years of marriage. Served in public education as a classroom teacher for many years with exceptional children. Served as sex abuse counselor.

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2 years 36 weeks ago

The race card has been dealt, so, what's wrong with playing it? Were it not for the ability to play the hand I am dealt on a daily...

2 years 36 weeks ago

No,, not " occupational illness" that term would not be approperate in this situation. However, "Procurring Cause' or maybe "shows a...

2 years 36 weeks ago

Well, there might be more to consider in this situation that meets the eye. I believe the report says Dr. Roberson had been on the job...

2 years 36 weeks ago

Chascushman, nice hearing from you. I believe my comment to Corgi answered your question.

2 years 36 weeks ago

Corgi, I agree with you. What actually happened to this individual is a district hired her. After a few years, her ideas were not...

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