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Animal lover and spokesman for them. Many discarded animals have been saved by my family over the years. I am now getting too old to care for them any more. But I always hope someone will pick up where I left of. And may God bless those that do. And don't fail to have them neutered or spayed - please.

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2 years 29 weeks ago

and a family is grieving. May God bless them all and give them the strength to carry on. Debates about this and that are somehow in the...

2 years 30 weeks ago

Mr. England had to be the 'wake up call' for the rest of the folks that don't want to pay important laws any mind. Let's hope he will...

2 years 30 weeks ago

GREAT idea to publish nuisances and damages - maybe things will get a move on!!

2 years 30 weeks ago

that has never been answered and hopefully Countyman knows. How can they name a bridge (15th Street) after one person when it already...

2 years 30 weeks ago

And God bless you for caring, nocnoc and may your neighbor get well real soon. He has my prayer!

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