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Animal lover and spokesman for them. Many discarded animals have been saved by my family over the years. I am now getting too old to care for them any more. But I always hope someone will pick up where I left of. And may God bless those that do. And don't fail to have them neutered or spayed - please.

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2 years 28 weeks ago

but yet they keep on mentioning that they would be sending the 1.5 billion dollar loan and military equipment to Egypt???? Did I dream...

2 years 28 weeks ago

I would have NEVER thought of my children sitting on the floor, ANY public floor!

2 years 29 weeks ago

You mean they don't have one now and would have to create one? Is that the way to run a city???

2 years 29 weeks ago

To nocnoc - you are SO right and it makes a body feel good - I do my part and suggest - PASS IT ON! It does wonders! A good week to one...

2 years 29 weeks ago

Which means - heads up to all animal lovers who have dogs or cats, keep your pets safe - don't let them roam - have them vaccinated so...

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