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Animal lover and spokesman for them. Many discarded animals have been saved by my family over the years. I am now getting too old to care for them any more. But I always hope someone will pick up where I left of. And may God bless those that do. And don't fail to have them neutered or spayed - please.

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2 years 27 weeks ago

Leave history alone - it cannot be wiped away - or we just live from day to day. Unreal!!!

2 years 27 weeks ago

At 12:10 AM I would have a hard time letting my own sister into my home unless she had ID :>)

2 years 27 weeks ago

How much more history - I repeat HISTORY - has to be removed? Reminds me of a huge blackboard - write on it today, wipe it off tomorrow...

2 years 27 weeks ago

If there were more courageous gentlemen like him we could put a big dent into crime. God bless you, and I hope the young man that was...

2 years 27 weeks ago

thanks for the information. And please keep on describing the roads by names - not numbers. Another article today talked about Number 4...

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