Tom Corwin

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  • Relationship Status: Married
  • Location: Augusta
  • Education: Bachelor of Journalism from University of Missouri School of Journalism
  • Profession: Reporter

About Me

My wife and I came to the Augusta Chronicle in December 1995 from the Jackson Sun in Jackson, Tenn. For a time, I was a general assignment reporter who covered a number of political races in 1996. I became the Science and Medicine Reporter in 1997. In almost every interview I have done since then, I have been the dumbest guy in the room.

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19 weeks 1 day ago

I don't ever remember the Chronicle "going along" with the Athens campus but that would be the Editorial Board. For my part, I have...

19 weeks 1 day ago

Those were medical students. She is a faculty member.

19 weeks 2 days ago

Marijuana is a schedule 1 drug, in that the DEA classifies it as having no medical benefit. The pediatric neurologist at Georgia Regents...

20 weeks 1 day ago

Actually, many of the provisions of the Affordable Care Act went into effect well before last year, including the Medical Loss Ration...

22 weeks 2 days ago

This is a new enrollment period that actually ends Feb. 15. These are the numbers so far.

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