• Relationship Status: Married
  • Children: 1
  • Location: Augusta, Georgia
  • Education: College
  • Profession: Retired
  • Birthday: Ides of March

About Me

Independant Veteran that loves my country, and proud owner of 2 minature schnauzers. "My boys"

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5 years 2 weeks ago

Ed Schultz, along with the rest of MSNBC, is the liberal attack wing of the progressive media, and have totally lost any sense of...

5 years 2 weeks ago

Sorry Gary, but your lecture to the rest of us about being responsible citizens rings hollow when your parent company pays no corporate...

5 years 3 weeks ago

OMG...the level of liberal whining this morning is absolutely pathetic. Hey Dar, I have a radical idea that apparently none of the...

5 years 3 weeks ago

Hi Seenit! Yeah, he is gonna focus like a laser...on I am gonna look forward to my next trip to the dentist. Lol. Pay no...

5 years 3 weeks ago

Methinks duh prez is actually just following his, "I'm the only adult in the room" act, as he much prefers to let the "little people"...

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