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male 63 come Dec.23, 2010

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4 years 27 weeks ago

Pres. Barack Hussein Obama makes the Republicannots the fools that they are with his legislative wins! And with enough Republicans,he'll...

4 years 27 weeks ago

Fellow , enlightened patriotic ones, yea! Fix News with the Wreck, Hannity-capped, O'Rly, Coulter-geist and other reactionaries, make...

4 years 28 weeks ago

Fundamental of Arminian, thanks,why 300 dollars hardly won't make one rich , and the welfare quenn never existed!No,people just don't...

4 years 28 weeks ago

soldout to irrationality, bull!

4 years 28 weeks ago

We have better values than did those people of faith of the Ages of Faith!Morality is getting better! Misanthropy, misogyny, racism and...

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