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3 years 36 weeks ago

"Palin's uplifting message this week". Wow chronicle! You are as delusional as she is! "Where is she wrong?" You really have to ask that...

3 years 36 weeks ago

WOW! Mike Malloy got a mention in the chronicle! I didn't think you or most of your radical right followers ever heard of him. Yes, he...

3 years 36 weeks ago

She is done. The two speeches today prove that and could not be more contrasting. One from a non-serious self obsessed and truly...

3 years 36 weeks ago

Sadly, many on the Left - and some even on the right - feared this would happen and have been warning about it for several years - some...

3 years 37 weeks ago

The chronicle is so radically far to the right that it believes Fox News, WSJ, Drudge, Limbaugh, and News Max are Centrist and anything...

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Political rumors are running wild in Augusta just like goats at city detention ponds. For example, here are e-mails that have been making the rounds.
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