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14 hours 41 sec ago

SECURITY AT THE Augusta-Richmond County Municipal Building is a farce---agree with stand down there & police the place.....

14 hours 6 min ago

Msnbc has been dipping in the polls...some can't figure why this is happening.....suggestion.

Take that screechy Al Sharpton off...

14 hours 10 min ago

Doncha just love it when newcomers try to tell us how to post?

Taking lessons from Washington DC, maybe?

14 hours 12 min ago

You can post anyway YOU please..BUT guess what...we can too!

I think some posts are too long too & I just pass over them......

14 hours 15 min ago

A terror group could easily decimate millions in this country....they wouldn't have to do a 9-11 again...just put the disease in these...

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