Rolling Eyes

Rolling Eyes
  • Relationship Status: It's Complicated
  • Children: ..I have two daughters. They look alike but not a thing like me. While I gave birth to them, I wonder if they're really mine......?
  • Location: Duh! I'm right here.... *waves hand*
  • Education: Gubberrment school, so I know my A,B,3's. Went to trade school.
  • Profession: Brain surgeon
  • Birthday: October the 32nd! In the year of the Confused Peacock...

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Does anybody really fill this stuff out?? I moved here in 1984 and fell in love with the area. Great people, love the season changes and watching this area grow. It was interesting to see that EVERYBODY here had an accent except for me!

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2 years 3 days ago

Regarding the 'public trail', many people have physical handicaps and are not able to easily walk a trail which is not paved. Also,...

2 years 3 days ago

About the 'public trail'. Lots of people do enjoy nature and not all of them are able to stroll through it because of handicaps. The...

2 years 3 days ago

Its too bad that they weren't able to organize this event better to where most items could have been used instead of wasting so much of...

2 years 3 days ago

The rant about the insufficient parking for the courthouse is true for all courthouses AND hospitals.

2 years 3 days ago

Regarding the Comcast comment, I agree. Last week we had a problem with our modem and had to call them. Their accent was so thick that...

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