• Location: Evans and Aiken County
  • Education: Mrs. DeHay's Third Grade Class Was My Best
  • Profession: Provocateur

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2 days 6 hours ago

How would giving millions free or almost free health care insurance lessen premiums for those who pay?

2 days 9 hours ago

Yep, unemployment rates mean nothing. More and more are dropping out of the work force to live on handouts of various kinds. We make it...

2 days 12 hours ago

Where do you think the money comes from to provide higher wages ordered by government?

2 days 17 hours ago

Compared to big cities up north, Augusta has a much lower per capita income. NOBODY makes as much down here. Forcing local employers to...

2 days 20 hours ago

I came from a poor family with a mother who provided by working a minimum wage job. I also began by working minimum wage jobs. A couple...

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