• Location: Evans and Aiken County
  • Education: Mrs. DeHay's Third Grade Class Was My Best
  • Profession: Provocateur

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4 years 28 weeks ago

Corgimom, I have lots of problems with Colin Powell. Gen. Schwarzkopf wanted to continue to negotiate with Hussein, but Powell kept...

4 years 28 weeks ago

Corgimom quoted me: "It is symbolic when a book is burned in protest in America."

And then she said:

"No, it's not, it's...

4 years 28 weeks ago

30cal, I just heard that too. Crazy huh?

4 years 28 weeks ago

Funnnnnnny????? Those guys were big and intimidating. They looked at me and approached me and my window was down. I almost joined Islam...

4 years 28 weeks ago

Bailmeout2, seriously, you've never seen the Black Muslims around town in their suits passing out the literature? Many of them were...

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