• Location: Evans and Aiken County
  • Education: Mrs. DeHay's Third Grade Class Was My Best
  • Profession: Provocateur

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4 years 17 weeks ago
Atctaylorb, I simply wanted to shock you a little after you used terms like Gestapo concerning the Harrisburg activists' proposal. You...
4 years 17 weeks ago
Mr. Bryant, I have given you cases of many narcotics officers who were found playing both sides of the badge. Some are still in jail thanks...
4 years 17 weeks ago

Two inches are coming tomorrow.

4 years 17 weeks ago

I guess you don't know Flipa well. He has confronted law enforcement and wrote in detail about these matters. His real name is known...

4 years 17 weeks ago
Oh, forgot one since then. a woman sentenced in 2008  a woman arrested for selling meth tried to cut a deal because whe was having an...