• Location: Evans and Aiken County
  • Education: Mrs. DeHay's Third Grade Class Was My Best
  • Profession: Provocateur

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3 years 36 weeks ago

"It would take to long to point out the specific points where you are wrong, so I take the 'generally" choice."


3 years 36 weeks ago

I told y'all Internet posters were the most influential people around.

3 years 36 weeks ago

If Clemson gets Clowney, they will have arguably the best recruiting class in the nation. They are already ranked 6. With the number one...

3 years 36 weeks ago

1. Someone should have snuck up behind Alvin Mason and gave him a shot of thorazine. He decompensated in public.

2. We need...

3 years 36 weeks ago

SeenitB4, we'll run one small pipe to you, but nobody else.

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