• Location: Evans and Aiken County
  • Education: Mrs. DeHay's Third Grade Class Was My Best
  • Profession: Provocateur

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3 years 36 weeks ago

I sense another editorial slamming the U.S. Attorney, Ed Tarver, coming.

3 years 36 weeks ago

MA, I propose you for the forensic audit.

Doesn't all this just make so much sense now? The way they pushed to build the TEE when...

3 years 36 weeks ago

The bank that holds the lien on the property must be smiling. Anyone we know own stock in the bank?

I wonder when our lawtician (...

3 years 36 weeks ago

DavidP, I took the boat out today, but I also took it out of the water to do some things to it. I'm always ready to go fishing though....

3 years 36 weeks ago

There is TALK of some people getting together and putting up some money to bring a suit against Fred Russell. That's crazy. He is just...

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