Rick McKee

The Augusta Chronicle | Editorial Cartoonist

  • Children: Jacob and Katie
  • Education: B.A. Graphic Design Samford University, Birmingham, Ala.

About Me

From doodling pictures of the principal in class to skewering the President in the newspaper pages of America, Rick McKee has been cartooning all his life in one form or another. McKee, a native of Tallahassee, Florida, has been editorial cartoonist for The Augusta (Ga.) Chronicle since January, 1998 and his editorial cartoons are syndicated by King Features to over 400 newspapers across North America. In 2005, McKee won first place for editorial cartooning in the Georgia Press Association's better Newspaper contest. In 2004, he was named to Georgia Trend magazine's Who's Who in Georgia Media. In addition to newspapers, McKee's award-winning work has appeared in textbooks, newsletters and on web sites around the world. His work has been featured on CNN/Headline News, the Fox News Channel, Newsweek the Washington Post and USA Today. In 2006, McKee was named Time Magazine's Person of the Year. Along with everybody else.

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5 years 41 weeks ago

You obviously care way more about the number of comments I get than I do, so I'll just let you keep track of them. Please advise if...

5 years 41 weeks ago

I think you have an unhealthy obsession with how many comments and awards I get, that's what I think.

5 years 43 weeks ago

Jake, this photo only applies to big-nosed Muslims living in caves using obsolete pineapple grenades, not to non-terrorist Muslims....

5 years 44 weeks ago

Well, again, Chip, that's not what this ruling was about and it's not what the cartoon is about. What you read into it is beyond my...

5 years 44 weeks ago

Great! That's exactly how it's supposed to be interpreted.

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