• Relationship Status: Married
  • Children: One left, we ate the other three
  • Location: In a secure location
  • Profession: Accounting/Finance
  • Birthday: Once a year

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2 years 51 weeks ago

Send in the likes of Sheriff Arpaio from Arizona's Maricopa County. Let him kick butt and take names. Not to punish anyone, but to...

2 years 51 weeks ago

but when the evidence is as strong as this, save the state the cost of a trial.

Off to the gallows with him. The best...

2 years 51 weeks ago

My My My, I never seen the ole gal so up at arms..... I picked a good day to lay offin the keyboard.

Get em gurl.

2 years 51 weeks ago

slipped into the mix. First suggestion I've seen that we should try being President for a day. Might be nice, but don't think I could...

2 years 51 weeks ago

the word unbelievable. Since 2008 when Obama was elected, I have seen so many things happen which I would normally describe as...

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