• Relationship Status: Married
  • Children: One left, we ate the other three
  • Location: In a secure location
  • Profession: Accounting/Finance
  • Birthday: Once a year

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2 years 27 weeks ago

Haven't been able to check email from a computer yet. One accpunt dumps from webmail to a laptop. I will send you 2 different addresses...

2 years 27 weeks ago

Step away from the ledge!!!!

Push back from the keyboard, take a deep breath, go get a tumbler of Reserved.....and keep those...

2 years 27 weeks ago

is still on the table to conduct the "Roundabout" study for $75K. Just tell me what you want it to say. You know like Dr. Azziz does...

2 years 27 weeks ago

You have the gall to complain about the taxpayer funded Christmas Party on a public forum. That is the height of ingracious thinking....


2 years 27 weeks ago

I just opened the door on the underground "BUNKA" and realized we are all still here. Yea, I know there are 6 more hours to the day,...

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