• Relationship Status: Married
  • Children: 3 kids & 5 G-kids
  • Location: Like everyone now Cyberspace, routed thru ☺ A NSA HUB
  • Education: 2 College degrees & likely 6 useless IT Security Cert's & 19 IT Sys Aadmin & Network Design cert's
  • Profession: PC Idiot hunter / IT Security, Forensics, & Investigations , White hat hacking
  • Birthday: Yes I have one and who cares

About Me

Richmond Co. Family history dating back to 1790-1800's. In Memory: Sarge, CG, Dichotomy, C-Mom, and way too many others no longer with us.</h2>

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5 weeks 1 day ago

Was due to Mid-terms and media coverage.

5 weeks 1 day ago

Then started looking at the Brain Drain Factor.
I got a cold chill when I imagined a bunch of
newbies running loose in DC...

5 weeks 1 day ago

The media stepped in it again and was caught.

It seems the initial TV footage for the Brussels bombing was not from 2016, and of...

5 weeks 1 day ago

Back channel blogs according to ITSEC friends has BLM and other radical protesters planning to gain course access, by purchasing street...

5 weeks 1 day ago

I noticed a number of comments now missing from previous article coverage on River Glenn??

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