• Relationship Status: Married
  • Children: more than 3 and 4 G-kids
  • Location: Since 1982 about 1/2 in Cyberspace and 1/2 at home
  • Education: South Side Schools of Hard Knocks, Books, a GED, 2 College degrees, & 26+/- Professional IT Tech Certs.
  • Profession: Out of Retirement Liberal Idiot Hunter
  • Birthday: Yes Have one and no one worries about it either

About Me

We have moved for a number of reasons, but still own a small property in South Richmond County.

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1 year 4 weeks ago

Have fun and enjoy your self.

Downtown offers a lot of interesting venues.

But, don't forget to lock the RV doors.

1 year 4 weeks ago

So everyone can see PLEASE take a minute to access GOOGLE
MAPS, switch to Satellite view and zoom 2x to the Great (industrial...

1 year 4 weeks ago

In 2007, then-Senator Barack Obama (D-IL) attended a fundraiser where he blasted President Bush, telling the crowd,


1 year 4 weeks ago

Once again The Socialists have demonstrated a total lack of understanding how the US Economy works.

They are the proverbial Wild...

1 year 4 weeks ago

After seeing about 5 November Birthday announcements and congratulations being posted. Plus now 7 or 8 across my family's tribe.


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