• Relationship Status: Married
  • Children: more than 3 and 4 G-kids
  • Location: Since 1982 about 1/2 in Cyberspace and 1/2 at home
  • Education: South Side School of Hard Knocks, Books, a GED, 2 College degrees, & 26+/- Professional IT Tech Certs.
  • Profession: Retired Liberal Idiot Hunter & IT & Physical Security Consulting
  • Birthday: Yes Have one and no one worries about it either

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4 weeks 6 days ago

is the part I am having a hard part with.

4 weeks 6 days ago

an its Augusta’s Best Inn (pun)

4 weeks 6 days ago

Nationally, property values are down 15% to 25+% since 2008.

ARC failed to adjust its spending to reflect:
the devaluation...

4 weeks 6 days ago

A lot of these Movie Houses stop using manual loaded 35mm film a good while back.

If that be the case then the blame lays with...

4 weeks 6 days ago

that cost them $300,000 in lawyer fees....UMMMMMM!

Seeing how they appear to of lost $266,083 in winning.

I can see why...

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