• Children: More than the wife knows☺
  • Location: Cyberspace routed thru ☺
  • Education: 2 degrees 26 likely useless IT certifications
  • Profession: Out of Retirement Idiot hunter
  • Birthday: Yes I have one and no one worries about it either

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Ask the Fed's & DOD, I worked around them enough.

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46 weeks 4 days ago

Is there a Mr. Pringle?
I am not implying the L word here.

Just trying to see if the future Superintendent personally...

46 weeks 4 days ago

We will get a weekly summary of the things that are growing Downtown and need to be weeded out.

In closing,
I would say...

46 weeks 4 days ago

Ranked #1 with 25 deaths
Richmond tied for 2nd to last with 4 other regions and 35 other...

46 weeks 4 days ago

But due to external issues, like any media outlet, he is limited to time, space, and legal issues.

This where we as commentators...

46 weeks 4 days ago

I am sitting here reading a 6 page INTERNAL USE ONLY Document concerning a CDC level-4 virus called Ebola.

Which includes the CDC...

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