• Children: more than 1
  • Location: Cyberspace
  • Education: GED, the school of hard knocks, books, 2 College degrees, & 26 Tech Certs.
  • Profession: Retired Idiot hunter
  • Birthday: Have one

About Me

Enjoying what I have left in life. we already have 3/4 stored in the NE GA Mountains area, and are just waiting to close on a house in March 2014. Why? The old saying of: The phrase "you can't go home again" really hits home for us; we returned to a SLUM that once was a great place to live and friends simply doesn't exist anymore, they moved. Richmond County has been lead down a Consolidated but unequal path to destruction and we are being taxed to help accomplish it in the process.

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48 weeks 2 days ago

Is RCSO sure this is the right picture?

After the Trayvon Martin shooting, where that innocent young teen was attacked by that...

48 weeks 3 days ago

Suspects will be found within 2.5 miles of the location as the crow flies

48 weeks 3 days ago

I have had my hands slapped by Sean. and very rightfully so.

Certain words and phrases even with *'s to adjust spelling have no...

48 weeks 3 days ago

Without an arrest and prosecution.
She'll back to doing it again to someone else.

48 weeks 3 days ago

Since reading isn't good enough for some.

Then here is the YOUTUBE so you can listen for yourself.