• Children: 3 the wife says are mine
  • Location: Cyberspace routed thru ☺
  • Education: 2 degrees & likely 26 now useless IT certifications
  • Profession: Out of Retirement Idiot hunter
  • Birthday: Yes I have one and no one worries about it either

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Ask the Fed's & DOD, I worked around them enough.

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5 days 10 hours ago

have no problem supporting and funding Abortions to kill off viable healthy fetuses to the tune...

5 days 10 hours ago

Another Liberal From Aiken
Just wanted to include one additional FACTUAL POINTER

5 days 11 hours ago

What were you smoking when you wrote this BS?
"Its people are Sunni and Shia Muslims and Turks. They lived together in...

5 days 11 hours ago

and he left US troops in place to ensure IRAQ would stay stable.

OBAMA and DEM's & Liberals came to power and you can google...

5 days 12 hours ago

Why have an Expensive figure head position of Mayor when we have a equally expensive City Administrator that really is doing the job....

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