• Children: more than 1
  • Location: Cyberspace
  • Education: GED, the school of hard knocks, books, 2 College degrees, & 26 Tech Certs.
  • Profession: Retired Idiot hunter
  • Birthday: Have one

About Me

Enjoying what I have left in life. we already have 3/4 stored in the NE GA Mountains area, and are just waiting to close on a house in March 2014. Why? The old saying of: The phrase "you can't go home again" really hits home for us; we returned to a SLUM that once was a great place to live and friends simply doesn't exist anymore, they moved. Richmond County has been lead down a Consolidated but unequal path to destruction and we are being taxed to help accomplish it in the process.

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4 weeks 6 days ago

Even if he was following instructions, It was back stabbing by all involved.

Augusta's Payback could be simply be to warn every...

4 weeks 6 days ago

Now if it were Harvard or one of those Colleges know for turning out Anti-Societal types by the boat load. .... I would help pack him...

4 weeks 6 days ago

If they really want to thin out the herd and save some $$$$?
Then have a Lottery sell tickets, set up shooting stands and allow GA...

4 weeks 6 days ago

Aside from the possibility of all the perfumes and aftershaves poured on by a few dozen people, all sitting in close proximity to a...

4 weeks 6 days ago

So I'll toss in mine.

I'm leaning towards the Hypoxia theory.
Like what happen back 1999 to Payne Stewart a Pro golfer...

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