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Ask the Fed's & DOD, I worked around them enough.

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31 weeks 5 days ago

I agree something seriously needs to be done to fix the abuse of those Hanging Temporary permits and the illegally Flea Market copies....

31 weeks 5 days ago

I read the story to Mrs. NOC-NOC.

Her very pointed response.

She's an idiot.

31 weeks 5 days ago

by using the the Ferguson ruling and the race card to play an bigger political game.

As of 6:10pm they have blocked all of...

31 weeks 6 days ago

Wow! oh! thats right Walton way Ext is the WEST SIDE, not the South Side.

On the South Side, We'd be happy just to get the pot...

31 weeks 6 days ago

A group of Civil Right advocates and Reverends are calling for a
Black Friday in a different way.

They want their people to...

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