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  • Profession: I have come down off the moutain top to debate Liberals.
  • Birthday: Yes I have one and no one worries about it either

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12 weeks 16 hours ago

I understand why a deputy would not be sure.
Many shell casing don't always show the caliber on the bottom.
W/o a 9mm round...

12 weeks 16 hours ago

Where does GA & AUGUSTA stand?
Using the United Van Lines Press Release
We see GA has a balanced flow which mean little...

12 weeks 19 hours ago

Those liberals you speak of were Humanitarians and not Socialist.

The classification of "Liberal" has been Co-op'd like the...

12 weeks 19 hours ago

Don't be scared its ok.
So many people know that Liberalism = Socialism,
that the Socialists are using a new name hide...

12 weeks 19 hours ago

A handy translation table from Liberal P.C. Doublespeak and code words to plain English


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