• Profession: I have come down off the moutain top to debate Liberal lies.
  • Birthday: Yes I have one and no one worries about it either

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1 year 26 weeks ago


Today we learned.
Barack Obama has 19.5 Million fake Twitter followers, who don't really exist...

1 year 26 weeks ago

for what amounts to premeditated assault is a joke.

While Austin, as usual makes a good point.
However, we are NOT...

1 year 26 weeks ago

Are the 2 life terms Concurrent - to Serve each of sentence at the same time Vs. Consecutive Sentences - one after the other is...

1 year 26 weeks ago

quotes the OCGA correctly regarding a 17 year old have a firearm?
That is illegal for an under age person to have...

1 year 26 weeks ago

This will help a lot for people in the area to keep an eye out.
Just finished blowing up the image and sharpened the details on it...

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