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18 min 40 sec ago

A demon can put on any disguise to do evil.
But a true Man of GOD can put on Animal Skins and baptize the Son of GOD.


26 min 45 sec ago

It has been 3 weeks since McDuffie Co. EMS Director was removed.
An the still no Official word on why?

What is going on?...

31 min 29 sec ago

WITHOUT any details.

3 weeks ago McDuffie Co. EMS Director was removed and there still is no Official word on why?

34 min 53 sec ago

ARC charges ALL Property Owners even those that get piped in sunshine, out in the sticks

The CC Rain Tax/fee as I understand it...

48 min 26 sec ago

was sold to us on outright lies.

Our Families insurance premiums have risen also.

I am about fed to the point

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Health insurance costs spike

ATLANTA -- Many Georgians could face double-digit increases in their health insurance premiums next year, based on initial rates sought by insurers.
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