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2 years 3 weeks ago

Law CAN supercede Contract.

I'll give you a simple to understand concept:

Slaveowners had contracts to own slaves. When...

2 years 4 weeks ago

Jojocan & Myfather ... Do you really believe people leaving is something new? In every department, in any municipality, when changes...

2 years 6 weeks ago

No one thinks she took the entire amount collected. But her 2% had to come out of total collections. This has to be traceable! If not,...

2 years 6 weeks ago

One of the easiest ways to get "taken" in business is to have one person on the signature account of your bank accounts & that one...

2 years 6 weeks ago

If people within Grovetown & Harlem made tax payments those payments would have to be allocated to the individual homeowners account...

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