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  • Relationship Status: Married
  • Children: Oh, yeah!
  • Location: Bay Area, California
  • Education: OJT
  • Profession: Woodworking
  • Birthday: I get to have 1 a year

About Me

Born in Tacoma, Wash, moved to Germany, moved to Seattle, Wash, moved to Ft Lawton, Wash, moved to Waycross, Ga, moved to Augusta, Ga, sent to Amarillo AFB, TX, sent to Biloxi, MS, sent to Warner Robbins, Ga, sent to Bien Hoa AFB, RVN, sent to Eglin AFB, Ft Walton Beach, Fl, moved to Mary Esther, Fl, moved to Pensacola, Fl, moved to Martinez, Ga, moved to Evans, Ga, moved to Bay Area, Ca.

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4 years 28 weeks ago

Isolated instances of tolerance did not the whole South make. It took court orders and enforcement, by Federal troops, to drag the South...

4 years 28 weeks ago

Chillen you have a point. Look at what the 9-11 attack cost the perpetrators and compare it to the cost of security and inconvience...

4 years 28 weeks ago

corgi, some of us that watched the movie, with Susan Sarandon in it, didn't know what it contained until the actual scenes were shown....

4 years 28 weeks ago

"Slavery would naturally have gone away as it did elsewhere" just like civil rights and intergration would have been whole- heartedly...

4 years 28 weeks ago

Never mind.

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