Hearts for Animals

Hearts for Animals
  • Relationship Status: Divorced
  • Children: 4
  • Location: Augusta,GA
  • Education: Aiken Tech
  • Profession: plan to seek paralegal degree and work part time
  • Birthday: Nov 10,1948

About Me

I was born in Augusta,but lived my of my life in the Belvedere area,except for a few years I lived in Columbia. I am deeply passionate about animal welfare and people falsely accused of crimes. I have worked as an EMT and a CNA where I saw the abuses in the medical system. I went to school for criminal justice because I was also aware of the abuses in the legal system,but wanted to know why...so I had to go and see it from the inside...I did not like what I saw,so I decided not to be apart of a corrupt system. I still do investigations and find satisfaction in exposing corruption.

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5 years 27 weeks ago

For the public...there are animal foster homes all over the area in neighborhoods...housing as many as they can care for. THe house in...

5 years 27 weeks ago

You will get bit more than once if the dog is determined and you can't get away fast enough. No I am not trying to pass the blame........

5 years 30 weeks ago

Look at my display name, I will be writing my own story on that my space web site....soon. So much has been said that was not true. The...

5 years 30 weeks ago

Here we are early morning August 3 and nothing has been said about any of this for 2 weeks....nothing about the progress of the little...

5 years 31 weeks ago

Other than the family of Damien Chavous there is no one else who has been so adversley affected by this terrible tragedy. To explain...

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