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1 year 26 weeks ago

You betcha! After all, didn't we learn from G.W. Bush that it took real guts to "own up" to ones major mistakes?


1 year 28 weeks ago

Sadly, it is folk like Riverman1 (8:29 pm), harley_52 (7:53 pm), and itsanotherday1 (7:54 pm) that are exactly the reason Section 5 of...

1 year 28 weeks ago

@dichotomy, 9:52

Pre-K is not mandatory, therefore parents have the right to choose whether they wish their children to be "...

1 year 28 weeks ago

@Riverman1, 12:18 p.m.

As you well know the voting rights act protects a citizens Right to Vote, it does not mandate that any...

1 year 29 weeks ago

@ Riverman1, great response to a great RAVE!

I did stop one day along the road and thanked the guard for the work his crew were...

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